All Day Menu


  • *Beef Filet Mignon Sliders

    three, bleu cheese crumbles, bleu cheese sauce 16.00
    additional slider 5.50

  • Southern Fried Chicken Sliders

    three, potato rolls, pepper gravy 12.50
    additional slider 4.25

  • *Mini Cheeseburger Sliders

    three, jimmy’s sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato 12.25
    additional slider 4.25

  • Hummus Plate [veg]

    garbanzo bean, roasted garlic, tahini, grilled pita, olive tapenade, herbed feta & roasted peppers 12.25

  • Chicken Quesadilla

    flour tortilla, bbq seasoning, cheddar & pepper jack cheeses 13.75

  • Calamari

    buttermilk battered, house-made cocktail sauce, garlic aioli 14.25

  • Hot Crab Dip

    cold water crab, artichokes, onions, parmesan cheese, grilled pita 14.25

  • St. Helen’s Pizza

    pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, fresh tomato sauce 14.50

  • Margarita Pizza

    fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil, garlic 13.75

  • Jimmy’s Wings

    nine pieces of crispy jumbo chicken wings, celery, buttery hot sauce, bleu cheese dressing 15.00

  • Sweet Potato Fries [gf/veg]

    garlic, sage, rosemary, parmesan cheese & spicy olive aioli 8.75

  • Jimmy’s Fries [gf/veg]

    garlic, sage, rosemary, parmesan cheese & tartar sauce 8.00

Starter Soups & Salads

  • French Onion Soup

    beef broth, swiss, provolone, parmesan cheeses
    crock 9.00

    Daily Soup

    ask your server for today’s selection
    bowl 7.00
    cup 5.00

  • Clam Chowder

    clams, potatoes, bacon
    bowl 8.00
    cup 6.00

  • Jimmy’s Wedge Salad

    iceberg, bleu cheese dressing, candied bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, roasted tomatoes 9.00

  • *Caesar Salad [veg]

    hearts of romaine, parmesan, croutons, jimmy’s caesar dressing 8.00

  • Mixed Greens Salad [gf/veg]

    roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, choice of dressing 8.00

  • Rustic Ciabatta Bread

    garlic rosemary olive oil & butter 4.75

Entrée Salads

  • BBQ Chicken Salad

    romaine, mixed greens, avocado, black beans, chipotle ranch dressing, tortilla strips, fried onion strings 16.75

  • *Caesar Salad

    hearts of romaine, jimmy’s caesar dressing, shaved parmesan cheese, croutons 12.50

  • Cobb Salad

    romaine, mixed greens, bleu cheese dressing, marinated chicken, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, avocado, black olives, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon 18.25

  • *Grilled Steak Salad

    marinated flank steak, romaine, mixed greens, honey chipotle dressing, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, roasted peppers, fried onion strings 20.50

  • Cold Water Crab & Shrimp Louie [gf]

    olives, tomato, egg, mozzarella cheese, crisp romaine, house-made louie dressing 20.75

Add to any salad:
grilled salmon 9.00
prawns 4 pieces 8.00
grilled chicken 6.00
*marinated flank steak 7.00

All Day Breakfast

  • *Jimmy’s Breakfast

    two eggs any style, choice of bacon, sausage or ham, side of breakfast potatoes, choice of toast 14.25

  • *Ham & Cheese Omelet

    black forest ham, three-cheese blend, side of breakfast potatoes, choice of toast 14.00


includes fries or jimmy’s mixed greens salad;
substitute jimmy’s fries with garlic & rosemary or sweet potato fries $3.00

  • Jimmy’s Giant Bacon Wrapped Brat

    deep fried footlong uli’s sausage brat, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese on a italian sourdough roll 15.50                                    add apple bacon slaw 1.75

  • Club Sandwich

    turkey, black forest ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on toasted wheat bread 14.00

  • Tuna Melt

    whole wheat bread, chunky albacore tuna & dill salad, swiss cheese, pickle slice 14.25

  • Grilled Chicken Wrap

    southwest glazed chicken, peppers, onions, pico de gallo, romaine, chipotle ranch dressing, mixed cheese, flour tortilla 14.25

  • *Salmon BLT

    ciabatta roll, red pepper aioli, bacon, lettuce & tomato 16.00

  • NY Reuben

    corned beef, apple bacon slaw, swiss cheese, remoulade sauce on light rye 16.00

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

    brioche roll, coleslaw, bbq glaze, pickle chips 14.25

  •  *French Dip

    thin sliced beef sirloin, swiss cheese, italian sourdough roll, rosemary garlic beef gravy 16.00

  • Half Turkey Sandwich Combo

    toasted sourdough bread, fired roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise & choice of soup, salad or fries 14.25


We hand form our burger patties with a blend of Washington raised Double R Ranch Angus Beef Chuck & Snake River Farms Wagyu.
includes fries or jimmy’s mixed greens salad;
substitute jimmy’s fries with garlic & rosemary or sweet potato fries $3.00
“double play” add a second patty to your burger for just $5.50 more

  • *Avocado Bacon Burger

    half pound patty, jimmy’s sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, provolone, on brioche 16.25

  • *Bullpen Burger

    half pound patty, jimmy’s sauce, caramelized walla walla onions, tillamook aged white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon, fried egg, on brioche 16.50

  • *Jimmy’s Bacon Cheddar Burger

    half pound patty, thick cut smoked bacon, tillamook cheddar, jimmy’s sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, on brioche 15.75

  • Quinoa & Bean Burger [veg]

    red quinoa & catalina bean patty, sauteed mushrooms, provolone & sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, herb aioli, on ciabatta 14.50

  • California Chicken Burger

    grilled breast of chicken, roasted poblano aioli, avocado spread, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion on ciabatta 15.75

House Favorites

  • Crab Macaroni & Cheese

    cold water crab, jack, cheddar, parmesan, fontina cheeses, toasted brioche bread crumbs, jimmy’s mixed greens salad 19.00

  • Bacon Mac n’ Cheese

    smoked bacon, mozzarella, provolone & cheddar cheese sauce, bacon infused brioche crumbs, jimmy’s mixed greens salad 16.25

  • Fish Tacos [gf]

    blackened mahi mahi, corn tortillas, papaya salsa, cilantro cream, jimmy’s slaw, roasted jalapeño, poblano salsa 15.75

  • Crispy Fish & Chips

    panko crusted cod, manny’s pale ale batter, jimmy’s tartar sauce, fresh house-made slaw 16.25

  • Quinoa & Chickpea Cakes [gf/vegan]

    tomato cumin jam, chimichurri sauce, pine nuts, braised local greens & seasonal vegetables 17.00

  • Chicken Picatta

    angel hair pasta, lemon butter sauce, tomatoes & capers 18.75

  • Blackened Chicken Penne

    red peppers, onions, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, parmesan, spicy chorizo cream 18.00

  • Pasta Bolognaise

    penne, house-made beef & pork bolognaise sauce, parmesan & garlic bread 19.25

Steak, Chicken & Seafood

  • *8 oz Filet Mignon

    jimmy’s steak sauce, seasonal garden vegetables, crispy onion strings, choice of fries, garlic mashed potatoes or home fried potatoes 36.50

  • *12 oz Ribeye Steak

    jimmy’s steak sauce, seasonal garden vegetables, crispy onion strings, choice of fries, garlic mashed potatoes or home fried potatoes 35.50

  • Boneless Southern Fried Chicken

    boneless buttermilk chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, bacon cheddar biscuit, pepper gravy 20.50

  • Jimmy’s Cioppino [gf]

    risotto, tomato broth, clams, mussels, assorted seasonal northwest seafood 21.50

  • *Grilled Wild Salmon [gf]

    chive risotto, seasonal garden vegetables & garlic lemon oil 26.50

* Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, fish & meats increases your risk of foodborne illness.