Chef’s Daily Specials

Patty Melt

1/2 pound angus & wagyu patty, caramelized onions, melted swiss cheese, rye bread,  spiced aioli, your choice of side 16


Pasta with clams                                

pappardelle pasta, ½ pound manila clams, tomatoes, capers, house made chorizo & butter sauce 19


BBQ Chicken Pizza

thin crust, roasted chicken, sweet tangy bbq sauce, whole milk mozzarella, red onions & shaved parmesan 15


Chicken & Biscuit Supreme 

tillamook cheddar cheese & bacon biscuit, slow roasted chicken with vegetable medley & sauce supreme 18



Cocktail Special

Maple Moonshine                                                   

2 bar moonshine, crown royal maple, baily’s irish cream, coke 9



Wine Special

Columbia Crest Supporters Blend     

horse heaven hills wine with hints of cocoa & coffee, smooth tannins & vibrant finish, blend of merlot, syrah & viognier         10 glass  / 40 bottle