Chef’s Daily Specials

Smoked Chicken Wings

Oak & hickory smoked jumbo wings, goody’s goodies bbq rub, charred poblano ranch 16.00

Spring Pea & Tarragon Hummus

Carrot & parsnip salad, lavender pita 15.00

Texas Style Garlic Sausage

Chef crafted roasted garlic sausage, chili lime onions, Italian roll 15.00

Montreal Beef Sandwich

Slow smoked pepper crusted beef brisket, caraway amber beer mustard, fresh slaw, salted pretzel bun 16.00


Cocktail Special

Cherry Alexander

360 bing cherry vodka, bailey’s almande & crème de cacao 9.00


Wine Special

Browne Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon

A medium bodied wine with hints of black pepper and finishing with lingering cherry notes with a trace of vanilla from the oak aging  14 glass/ 50 bottle